What is Children's Meditation?

Although meditation can be sitting still and quieting the intellectual mind, often by counting until your mind is very focused, we use a method of meditation called Guided Meditation. In Guided Meditation, a child is guided what to imagine. These meditations are simple because all your child has to do is listen and imagine. When she hears "now I'd like you to imagine a lovely, warm summer day with the sun shining down and and warming your skin while a soft breeze gentle blows and cools you. The smell of summer is in the air and the colors are vivid and bright," you get a distinct image. If we continue along those lines we can do emotional healing work. This marks the difference between relaxation and meditation. Relaxation is just that - relaxing. It is wonderful  and it is usually the first step in meditating. But meditation gives a child much more than just relaxation. It equips a child with the tools to manage childhood stress, to create positive images about herself and it can heal emotional hurts. This is a guided meditation. In my guided meditations I use vivid imagery to make the scenes come alive for children - to engage all their senses and create a wonderful experience that they want to relive every night!


What is the difference between Meditation. Guided Imagery and Hypnosis for Children?

All three methods can be light or very deep. They all are effective pathways to work with the subconscious mind. Some facilitators or instructors will use a combination of two or more and you can find all three in our Cds!

Meditation: deep healing possible, Guided images or Blank Mind method, Light or Deep

Hypnosis: deep healing possible, Facilitated/body usually deeply Relaxed, Light or Deep

Guided Imagery: deep healing possible, Story-form, Light or Deep